Workout Ready

Guest blogger: Rashelle Isip

Where are those sneakers? Getting ready for a workout can sometimes be an exercise in itself, but it doesn't have to be.

One way to approach getting ready for exercise is to think of it as being ready for action at a moment's notice, both literally and figuratively. The more prepared you are the less likely you'll be slowed down when getting ready to work out.

Here's a nice analogy: Think of the preparation that is required in a typical firehouse. Firefighters are always ready for action. The nature of their job demands that everything be stored and ready to go. Jackets and boots are stowed carefully, ready for the next call, and the fire truck and fire hoses are carefully maintained.

While you may not be a firefighter on call, having all your workout equipment in place can help you get ready and out the door faster and without hassles. Here are a few tips you might want to consider:

  • Store in the same area. Declare an area in your closet or dresser for your workout wear. Simply grab and go for your tops, shorts/pants, socks, sports bras and sneakers. After doing laundry, place your gear back in place, ready to go for next time.
  • Make a habit of getting ready. Pack up for exercise following the same routine or preparation. You might get your workout clothes on first, then put on your socks and shoes, pack your keys, get your water bottle and so on, until you're packed and ready to head out the door.
  • Plan ahead. Get ready for your next workout as soon as you return from your current outing. If there's anything you can do to make it easier to get out the door with less hassle next time, do it now. Here are a few simple streamlining tips:
    • Keep losing your sneaker's mate? Tie your sneaker laces together.
    • MP3 player low on batteries or needs a new playlist? Charge it or hook it up as soon as you return from a workout.
    • Dirty sunglasses? Wash and dry them now.

Rashelle Isip has been organizing everything and anything since she can remember. Rashelle has a true passion for organization and works to help others understand, embrace and achieve their organizing goals. For more on Rashelle, go to

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