Try Tai Chi and See Big Health Benefits

Did you know that Tai Chi has been found to lower blood pressure, increase bone density, reduce chronic pain, increase flexibility, improve immune function and reduce stress and depression? This ancient Chinese method works both the mind and the body by pairing slow movements and shifts of balance with a strong focus on the breath; it is often referred to as moving meditation. Even just practicing for five minutes a day can have big benefits.

During my stay at Kripalu this past weekend, I tried Tai Chi for the first time. I found it relaxing and enjoyable, almost resembling a slow dance...with yourself (although, there are some great moves you can do with a partner too).

The best part is that once you’ve learned some basic moves, you can practice anywhere—in your living room or even in the local park (you’ve probably seen people practicing in a trance-like vibe). 

To learn, you can watch a video if you prefer to practice in private, or if you would like to attend a class, look for one that says Tai Chi for your health (those are more centered on relaxation and health than exact form).

Have you tried Tai Chi? What do you think? Please share your comments below.


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