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Super Model Veronica Webb

Super Model Veronica Webb Offers Her Top 5 Tips for Supple Skin


Veronica Webb, broadcast journalist and fashion model, has flawless skin; she practically glows. How does she do it? We asked her for her top tips for achieving that complexion of perfection, and this is what she said:

1. Water, water, water. Make sure to get your eight glasses a day to maintain hydrated skin from the inside out.

2. Don't let your skin dry all the way before moisturizing. Adding lotion on damp skin helps lock in moisture to the upper layers of the skin.

3. Break a sweat every day. Heat your skin from the inside out to rid yourself of toxins by bringing them to the surface, and achieve that glowing appearance.

4. Leave your washcloth drying in the shower? Think again. A damp washcloth is a breeding ground for bacteria.

5. Make it a habit. If you’re like me, you slack on regular moisturizing. A good way to remember, Veronica says, is to "start thinking of your skin as your body's first line of defense." Little tricks she's used and recommends? Moisturize every time you sit down to go to the bathroom or when you're checking email; and don’t foget those forgotten places like feet, knees and elbows.

Veronica is the newest member of the Eucerin Skin First Council, where she promotes the important role of skin in overall health care and quality of life. She and the team at Eucerin are encouraging women to take a pledge to prioritize skin health.

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