Soothing Shaving Rash Naturally

Cheryl P. sent me an email yesterday asking, "Sometimes when I shave I get an annoying, and sometimes, painful rash. It's especially bad in warm weather. I asked my pharmacist and she rattled off the names of a half dozen ointments and medications. As an organic-loving gal, I'm hoping you might have some alternative solutions. Can you help me out before summer gets here?"

I've got good news, Cheryl.

There's a really simple, soothing, medication-free solution: As a self-proclaimed "organic-loving gal," I'm betting you have some tea in your cupboard, right? To soothe that shaving irritation, chill a few wet chamomile tea bags and place them on the inflamed skin. The coolness of the tea bags will feel great and chamomile has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and pain-relieving properties so you'll be treating the rash too. For larger areas, you can make a compress by dipping a gauze pad into a cold cup of very strong camomile tea and apply it to the irritated skin.

Note: The information provided here is not meant to replace a visit to your health care provider. He or she knows you, and your medical history, better than anyone. We strongly encourage you to speak with your health care professional about your particular health concerns.


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