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No More Chemo!

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By Marilyn B.

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I'm DONE!!!

Number six went as smoothly as possible. Instant karma was on my side today; since it was my last treatment I brought in boxes of chocolates for the nurses and receptionist. I planned to give them the boxes on my way out for being so incredibly nice, sweet, competent and confident. But they too had one more gift to give me—after my last drip, my infusion nurse Chrissy presented me with the ceremonial plastic diamond and feather "Last Treatment Tiara." I wore it with pride on top of my shiny bald held. I know this sounds way to bizarre, but I'm gonna miss old baldy.

I am happy and confident that I will Never have chemo again. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Of course, Chemo day is one of the easy days in the treatment week and I sill have the week ahead of me, but I am going to let each day unfold and do the very best I can to get into the Zen of being. I know that sounds a bit airy-fairy, but in this case I think the less expectations I have the easier it will be. Besides I've already had my mother-in-law call from England today to make sure I'm drinking my water and I have the neighborhood gardeners bringing fresh veggies to the house—now that is what I call full coverage!

Of course I will keep you posted. I love my team—you are my rock.

Major hugs and kisses to you all.

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