Mom-to-Be Olympian Shannon Miller Feels Like a 'Mama Bear'

A little birdie has told us (actually we read about it on that Notes from the Nursery friend and seven-time Olympic medal winner, Shannon Miller, is going to be a mom!

Shannon gave People the whole scoop: "My husband and I are so excited to begin the wonderful adventures of parenthood. We couldn't be happier!"

"I already feel that incredible 'mama bear' protectiveness toward our baby," she says. "Each day I wake up wondering what our baby looks like today, how much he or she has grown, and anticipating the fun and surprises that lie ahead."

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As you may recall, Shannon has focused in recent years on raising awareness to such health issues as cervical cancer - her mother was diagnosed with the disease last year - and childhood obesity. "That passion has become even more critical and more personal now that I am considering the health of my child."

Click on the video below to watch my conversation with Shannon as we discuss cervical cancer, her mother's diagnosis and the Pearl of Wisdom campaign. Then, read more about preventing cervical cancer and share what you've learned with the women in your life.


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