Exotic Vacations...Keep Dreaming

I fantasize about vacations constantly. I drive my husband crazy with all my planning, plotting and pouting. I love being home, and that home being in New York City leaves me with no shortage of exciting things to do, but...oh how nice it would be to do yoga on the soft sands of a Caribbean beach or better yet, go hiking around Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica (my latest obsession). So what is all the daydreaming about?

I guess it's not abnormal, considering that there are entire magazines, websites, blogs, books and television programs geared toward this very thing. But what is our obsession with travel really about? Is it our curiosity or boredom? Our need to get away from everything or our desire to connect with different cultures? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Whatever it is, sometimes these fantasies are possible to act on and sometimes they're not. My philosophy is that either way, it's good for you to dream; it fuels our passion and keeps us looking ahead with hopeful and idealistic plans. It allows us to stay open minded to new experiences, adventures and learning opportunities.

Other times, it can be helpful to fulfill some of that drive right where you are. There are a few ways that I've found work the best: Volunteering and connecting with people in the community and visiting places in your own city or town that you've never been before (or those that you forgot existed for a while), whether it's a museum, a restaurant or a quiet spot by the water. So keep dreaming, but don't forget to renew your love for now. After all, it's all that we've got.


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