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Bald and Beautiful

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By Marilyn B.

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Just a quick status update to say I'm having a good day! Nothing extraordinary happening—just having a productive day at work, the sun is shining, I'm not sick, I'm not weepy, just feeling like myself for the first time in quite awhile.

The big news is that I have been going out in public completely bald. Last week Emily and I went out to dinner and the mall without the wig, and this morning I got dressed and came to work, without even think about putting on my wig. Of course, I didn't have any meetings today! I've had a lot of encouragement (thanks Anthea, Donna D., Abby) and get a lot of smiles. But for the most part, it's been a nonevent. Most people either don't notice or have seen a lot weirder things than a bald chick. Anyway, I don't think this is the norm, but I like the power and freedom.

I have a big weekend coming up. My mother-in-law gets here on Friday afternoon. I am really looking forward to a week of TLC. Not only will it be great to have an attentive caregiver for me, but it will be really great for Emily to have Grandma in the house. On Saturday is the Race for the Cure! I am really psyched. The event starts with a survivors' Parade of Pink, followed by the race and a walk. Our team is called "Act as If," named for my women's group. Thanks, Barb, for organizing the team. Of course, Monday we start all over again for treatment #5—which is one more closer to the end (June 28!).

I will be meeting with the radiation oncologist on June 18 to start that process and determine when I will start my radiation—sometime mid to late August. I can start to see the horizon and it feels good. OK, so now I'm getting weepy. They are either tears of joy or my eyes are indeed leaky (odd side effect!).

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