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Mom Congress 2019: Fighting for What Worries Moms Most

Mom Congress 2019: Fighting for What Worries Moms Most

Created: 05/07/2019
Last Updated: 07/15/2019

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HealthyWomen is excited to be taking part in Mom Congressan event for mothers from across the country to be heard. This three-day event (May 5-7, 2019) brings together moms, and those who support them, to talk with government leaders about what matters most in maternal and child health.

To help give the women who can't attend Mom Congress a voice, HealthyWomen ran a survey of moms nationwide to pinpoint their top worries. We asked moms to tell us everything—from how work impacts family life and how they handle child care to how they pay for health care and whether they feel supported by health care professionals. All told, nearly 850 moms shared their concerns with us. We culled together the survey results and created a report that will help drive home what concerns moms the most, so advocates and legislators can work together to improve the very real lives of women and their families. Click here to read the full survey report. 

To learn more about what Mom Congress is advocating for, click here.

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