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5 Ways to Recharge Your Sex Life After You Have Kids

5 Ways to Recharge Your Sex Life After You Have Kids

Your sex life is bound to change after you have kids. Use these tips to make it better than ever.

Sexual Dysfunction

When you and your partner are a twosome, sex can happen anytime, anywhere. But once your family starts to grow, afternoon romps in the kitchen and naked Sundays in bed become just a faded memory. 

While your sex life is bound to change after you have kids, it doesn’t have to cease to exist. In fact, it can be better than ever. Here are some tips on how to recharge your sex life after you have kids. 

Flirt. Remember when you were first dating and got butterflies in your stomach every time your significant other sent you a sweet text? There’s no reason cyber flirting has to stop. In fact, ramp it up! After you say goodbye in the morning, try shooting over a text about how awesome that goodbye kiss was or how you love that shirt on him. Anytime you’re thinking something sweet about your spouse, share it. Chances are he’ll follow suit.

Schedule a daytime babysitter. Have a babysitter take the kids to the museum, park, aquarium, or any other favorite spot during the day. While the kids are out, just enjoy each other—no laundry or dishes allowed.

Sneak around. For those days a babysitter is not an option, use sneaking around to your advantage. Give him a little love under the table at breakfast, steal a passionate kiss in the kitchen when the kids aren’t looking or flash him when you’re getting dressed in the morning. It’s fun and definitely arousing. 

Make time for morning sex. Set your alarm early a few times each month. Even though you’ll both be sleepy, some foreplay is bound to wake you up. And after some morning sex, you’ll both start your day with smiles and cash in on all of the awesome benefits of sex.

Share your fantasies.
At this point, chances are you and your significant other are close—having a baby tears down pretty much every barrier, right? Use your openness to spark your sex life. Tell him about that sex dream you had or let him know you want to try a new position. Even if it’s something you don’t play out in real life, it’s a turn-on to know each other’s secret desires.

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