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27 Weeks Pregnant

27 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby Now Sleeps at Regular Intervals

Pregnancy & Postpartum

At 27 weeks, you're in the home stretch of your second trimester and your baby weighs nearly 2 whole pounds and is roughly the length of a wine bottle. Additionally, he's gaining abilities each day that will assist him once you give birth.

Tip of the week:
Want to nip hemorrhoids in the bud? Be sure to consume plenty of fiber and water to keep your digestive tract moving along smoothly. Exercise can also help with this, so do as much as you can without causing discomfort. This may mean doing floor exercises or going for an easy walk, if more vigorous activity makes hemorrhoids flare.

For example, did you know that your little one is actually sleeping at regular intervals? He can even close his eyes as he dozes off and open them as he wakes, breathing in small amounts of amniotic fluid along the way to help his lungs develop. If you could see him, you might even catch him sucking a finger to lull himself to sleep.

There are other exciting things going on inside there, too. Namely, his brain is more active as the networks and neurons inside advance. In fact, he may even be able to recognize your voice by now.

Changes to your own body at this time may be less exciting, particularly if you’ve developed embarrassing hemorrhoids. If you experience these annoying little buggers, which are really just swollen, itchy veins in the anus or rectum, know that you're far from alone, because many pregnant women get them. Hemorrhoids occur during pregnancy due to extra blood, which tends to pool in the nether regions. Additionally, your growing uterus can put pressure on the rectum, not to mention the pressure of pushing during childbirth.

However, hemorrhoids present almost no risk of long-term harm to you or your baby, so sit tight (pardon the pun) until they go away.

To help ease hemorrhoid pain and prevent infection, take warm baths without harsh cleansers or bubble bath, because these products may irritate hemorrhoids. Other remedies include applying witch hazel–soaked cotton pads or ice to the area, keeping the region clean, using over-the-counter treatments and avoiding sitting for extended times.

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