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Focus on Fibroids

Focus on Fibroids

Watch as Soyini Hawkins, M.D., and Candy Ramirez-Hale, R.N., discuss living with fibroids, navigating fibroids care and advocating for yourself

Conditions & Treatments

We spoke with Soyini Hawkins, M.D., a physician who is living with fibroids herself, and patient advocate Candy Ramirez-Hale, R.N., to raise awareness, get the scoop on what it’s like to live with fibroids, and explore how disparities affect care, diagnosis and treatment. Watch these videos to see what they had to say.

Patient Perspective

Choosing the Best Care for Yourself

Soyini Hawkins Tells Her Personal Story About Living with Fibroids

What Is a Normal Menstrual Cycle? Clearing up Misconceptions and Myths

Lack of Access to Appropriate Care and Who Is Most Affected

Why Getting a Second Opinion Is Important and Other Tips

This educational resource was created with support from Sumitomo Pharma America, Inc.

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