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Do you have questions about sex? "Why don't I want it anymore?" "Why doesn't my partner want me?" "How can I spice things up?" "How will my sex life change as I age?" Relax. We've got the information you need and the answers you crave so you can have a satisfying and enjoyable sex life at any age.

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Restoring Romance

Over the years, it can be easy to fall into a romantic rut with your partner. These tips can help you refuel your passion.

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5 Tips for Healthy, Safe Online Dating

Online dating created a huge shift in the dating world, but some things remain the same: it's important to proceed cautiously and feel comfortable in any relationship. Here are tips for safe online dating.

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Don't Be Shy: Tools to Help Make Sex Fun

Whether you've hit a sexual roadblock or just want to introduce some new passion into your love life, consider adding a bit of play to your repertoire with, dare we say it, sexual toys.

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My husband is having trouble with sex. He can't have an erection. This has never happened before. Can I do anything to help him?

Sex was absolutely a forbidden topic when I was growing up. I'm still not comfortable with it. I'm single and in my late 40s. Anything I can do to be more open to sex when I'm dating?