18 Ways to Up Your Health in 2018

The year is still young. It's a great time to revamp your health habits.

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No Sex Drive? This Could Be Why

If you have low sex drive and it's bothering you or your partner, find out why and what you may be able to do about it.

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   Is Your Thyroid Making You Gain Weight?
   Overeating is the most likely cause of weight gain, but it's not the only cause.
   An underactive thyroid may contribute to your weight problems.

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   Easy Ways to Prevent the Common Cold
   It's easy to catch a cold, either through touch or from virus-containing droplets
   in the air. But there are steps to help avoid it.
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   10 Tips for Supporting Someone With IBD
   If you know someone living with inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD,
   these tips may help you have more compassionate conversations.
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