5 Quick and Easy Tips for Keeping Your Sanity When You're in Pain

From deep massage to deep breathing, here are some tips to help manage pain.

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Hitting the Booze: The Mommy Drinking Culture

Moms are hitting the bottle with growing frequency, making it seem more normal. But how does it affect moms and their children?

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   How to Deal With Your Partner's Herpes
   There is a risk of transmission if your partner has herpes, even if there
   isn't an active outbreak. But there are ways to lower your risk.

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   Lyme Disease Symptoms Aren't Always Obvious
   Harmful ticks can be the size of tiny poppy seeds, but these
   disease-transmitting insects can pack a mighty punch.
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   Reasons You Should Take a Nap
   If your energy is lagging, your mental acuity meandering
   and your mood darkening, take a nap.
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