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My Breast Cancer Diagnosis Was an Awakening

My Breast Cancer Diagnosis Was an Awakening

By Karen Rice

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When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was like everyone else who thought that it was a death sentence, when it was truly "an awakening." After the words were read, all I wanted to know was, how do I get rid of it? I had surgery right away. I had a radical mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, which I do believe to this day may have been a mistake, because I now live with complications and it's been close to seven years.

A couple of the complications are "Lymphedema" and something that MD's are calling "Neuropathic Pain/Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome." This pain is with me daily. For awhile, I wasn't so happy with the way my body look around the surgery site, but then I had to remember that there will always be someone worse off than I am. My body changed a little, but so what; I didn't loose any limbs, I only lost pieces of skin.

And even with all the pain I have to live with, "I'm still living," and with that it makes me want to live even more. Each day is a fresh one to me and everything that I view seems new. I came so close to losing it all. I'm now taking each day at a time and trying to change what I did in the past and make it better, because I feel that a renewed life has a purpose and I'm going to live to find out what that is. I've learn not to take life for granted. Many cancer victims are no longer among us, I was one of the blessed and lucky ones and I love sharing my story with others, I want them to know, "you can live after cancer." Life is even better, because you appreciate it more.

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You are so welcome Aqiylah!

Your grandmother was right, every struggle that you encounter during your life time, will just make you that much stronger to handle the next one.

I too wish you "Peace and Well being"

Karen R.


I love your story! Thank you for sharing the long-term effects of the tough decisions you had to make and how you are coping with them today. We don't often hear that part. My grandmother used to say that it is within the space of the struggle that we grow the most and become most grateful. Your courage inspires me to remember to honor the joyful moments in each day and not take anything for granted.

Peace and be well!

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