Customer receiving medication from pharmacist

You May Soon Be Able to Buy Hearing Aids Over the Counter at Your Local Pharmacy

Implementation of a new law will get hearing aids into ears more quickly and cheaply

Young woman tightly covers her ears with her hands

Why Do We Hate the Sound of Our Own Voices?

When played back to you on a recording, your voice can sound unrecognizable

How to Hear Better When Your Hearing Goes South

Hearing loss is very common in older people, but many don't see help because of cost, social stigma, appearance and other reason. Increasingly, there are options for affordable and discreet hearing aids.

All About Tinnitus

Tinnitus usually happens when the tiny sensory hair cells in your inner ear are injured or damaged. You may hear sounds like ringing, buzzing, swishing or roaring.

Say What? Menopause and Hearing Loss

If you find yourself turning up the volume or asking people to repeat themselves, you may be experiencing hearing loss. And you're not alone.

You May Be Losing Your Hearing

The noise of modern life causes permanent hearing damage to many U.S. adults who don't even suspect they've experienced a loss, federal researchers reported Tuesday.

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