Reclaim Your Wellness with Dr. Fatima Stanford

Reclaim Your Wellness with Dr. Fatima Stanford

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Great Girlfriends Podcast
March 31, 2021

Check out this Great Girlfriends podcast where Dr. Fatima Stanford, an obesity medicine physician, explores the chronic disease of obesity and its many causes.

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Can Schools Require COVID-19 Vaccines for Students Now That Pfizer’s Shot Is Authorized for Kids 12 and Up?

The Food and Drug Administration has granted the first emergency use authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents. What comes next?

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Treating Covid-19 Patients in the ICU Nearly Broke Me, But Now I’m Stronger for It

There were days I was so sad and afraid that I wanted to give up on nursing. Now I know I'll never quit.

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15 Minutes With Jessica Malaty Rivera

The epidemiologist and unlikely Instagram star shares some straight talk about Covid-19 and vaccines

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