"Take Charge of Your Menopause" Kit Now Available Online

The National Women's Health Resource Center is observing Menopause Awareness Month 2003 with the online publication of a "Take Charge of Your Menopause" kit. The package draws on the wide-range of health information from the nonprofit group and is available at its Web site, fmxhosting.com/drupal635.

"Menopause is a natural part of life," said NWHRC's president, Amy Niles. "The challenge is to start as young as possible so you can be healthy, independent and vigorous long after the end of fertility and childbearing," she continued.

The NWHRC is encouraging women to learn as much as they can about this normal life stage because the average American woman is likely to live decades beyond her menopause.

Included in the kit are: Questions to Ask, a list of questions for your health care professional; Sources and Resources, a listing of the leading nonprofit groups and federal agencies; and Lifestyle Tips: things a women can do to protect her heart and bones as well as relieving menopausal symptoms. Also in the kit, is the online version of Your Guide to Uterine Health. In addition to a discussion of uterine conditions such as fibroids and treatment options, the guide is an excellent source of information about uterine health during midlife. It includes information on the routine health screening procedures that can help you stay healthy.

The National Women's Health Resource Center is the nation's leading independent, nonprofit organization specifically dedicated to educating women of all ages about health and wellness issues. Its Web site, fmxhosting.com/drupal635, is a one-stop shop for women's health.

Print copies of Your Guide to Uterine Health can be ordered by calling toll-free 1-877-986-9472 or visiting the NWHRC Web site.

Click here to access the "Take Charge of Your Menopause" kit.

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