NWHRC Helps Send Healthy, Happy Kids Back to School

Partnership with Family Circle to Reach the Health CEOs of America's Families

Back to School time is almost here. To help parents send their children back to school well and happy, the National Women's Health Resource Center has joined with Family Circle magazine to present "Healthy Kids. Happy Kids." The centerpiece of this program is a special section, which contains a variety of checklists, pointers and topics for discussion to help parents manage the health and well-being of their kids.

"Mothers are the health CEOs for their families. Back-to-school time is important for them," says Amy Niles, president and CEO of the NWHRC. "Moms want to be sure that they do all they can to give their children the best start possible. `Healthy Kids Happy Kids' will make their job easier." The special section includes tips for back-to school success, a list of common food allergy culprits and where to find them, advice on smoking prevention and suggestions on ways to make the most of the before-school physical.

Other program elements include a section at FamilyCircle.com, which contains content from "Healthy Kids. Happy Kids." plus a personal health information form. "The quick reference form for health information is an especially valuable resource," said Niles. "Mothers can make copies of the form with personal and family health information, and put one in their purse, desk, in the car, and on the refrigerator. It can be a lifesaver when traveling or in emergencies."

In addition, Family Circle has created a back-to-school health checklist and first-aid checklist. These valuable reference tools will be sent to thousands of NWHRC friends and members of the National Association of School Nurses.

Sponsors of the Healthy Kids. Happy Kids. program are the Philip Morris Youth Smoking Prevention Campaign, EpiPen and AdderallXR.

The National Women's Health Resource Center is the nation's leading independent, nonprofit organization specifically dedicated to educating women of all ages about health and wellness issues. Its Web site, fmxhosting.com/drupal635, is a one-stop shop for women's health.

With a shared focus on women's and children's health, the National Women's Health Resource Center and Family Circle are natural partners. Like the NWHRC, Family Circle is a trusted source for health information and is dedicated to providing its 21 million readers with relevant, credible and timely medical advice in every issue. Every health-related article is reviewed by its own Health and Medical Advisory Board comprised of eleven prominent doctors - nearly half of whose specialties are related to children's health.

"Healthy Kids Happy Kids" is in the September issue of Family Circle, on newsstands August 5, 2003. The content is also available at www.FamilyCircle.com and at the NWHRC Web site, fmxhosting.com/drupal635.


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