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In The Ladies Room With Dr. Donnica Interviews HealthyWomen CEO Beth Battaglino To Discuss #Keepthecare

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On the April 10, 2018 segment of In The Ladies Room with Dr. Donnica, Dr. Donnica Moore featured HealthyWomen’s CEO and RN, Beth Battaglino, who discussed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and why #Keepthecare is such an important campaign. During the podcast, Beth discussed how the Affordable Care Act has enabled 55 million women in the U.S. to receive lifesaving services and health screenings at no out of pocket expense. However, proposals to repeal and replace the ACA risk upending this care. Beth shared insights into #Keepthecare and its goal to demand that policymakers ad health insurers protect women's right to equal, accessible and affordable health care coverage.

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