HealthyWomen Launches 'Keep the Care'

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U.S. health policy is on the brink of change—and, with it, women's healthcare faces an unparalleled threat. But the D.C.-arm of strategic communications network MSLGROUP is committed to equipping Americans with the tools to ensure their voices are heard, and women's access to healthcare remains resolute.

MSLGROUP's Washington office announced on March 15 a pro-bono partnership with HealthyWomen, one of the nation's leading independent health sources for women, to launch "Keep the Care" (#keepthecare). This nationwide education and advocacy campaign will empower Americans to demand that policymakers and health insurers protect women's right to equal, accessible and affordable health coverage.

To date, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has enabled 55 million women in the U.S. expanded access to 26 critical preventative healthcare services, everything from Pap smears to mammograms, breast cancer chemoprevention counseling and birth control. These services benefit all women—from women of childbearing age to women at later stages in life—at no out of pocket expense.

Proposals to repeal and replace the ACA, however, risk upending this care.

"Prior to the ACA, more than 50 percent of women delayed seeking preventive care due to the cost, underscoring the need for advocacy to ensure women have continued access to guaranteed preventive health services," explained Phyllis Greenberger, HealthyWomen's Senior Vice President for Science and Health Policy. "Our objective for this campaign is to educate policymakers that preventive care promotes health and saves money, and should remain a covered benefit for all women."

As part of MSLGROUP's commitment to corporate citizenship, HealthyWomen will receive pro bono public affairs support from the network's D.C.-based public affairs office.

"Empowering Americans to advocate for continued coverage of women's preventive services couldn't be more important to the health and well-being of women and families," said Beth Battaglino, a practicing registered nurse and CEO of HealthyWomen. "MSLGROUP's creativity and expertise will allow HealthyWomen to create the sense of urgency needed to put this issue on the public's radar."

"This partnership allows us to create an integrated public affairs and advocacy campaign that will elevate a policy issue that is important to the American public, the many women working at MSLGROUP and our clients whose brands touch women's lives," said Michael J. Petruzzello, Managing Director of Qorvis MSLGROUP, the firm's public affairs arm. "MSLGROUP welcomes the opportunity to work with HealthyWomen to inform and activate women as champions for their improved health."


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