HealthyWomen Included in ForbesWoman Top 100 List For 2011

We are proud to announce that the HealthyWomen website – – was named to the prestigious list of ForbesWoman's Top 100 Websites for Women list for the second consecutive year.  The selection was based on criteria for informative and compelling content and user interface, engaged communities and, of course, a female focus that's kept fresh by dedicated editors, writers and designers. ForbesWoman cites, additionally, that intelligence is a plus and that fun adds bonus points to the selection.

But here's the question on the selection committee's minds: "Does (the website) have that amorphous and often indefinable quality that inspires us to share—with our social networks and in e-mails and conversations with our moms, sisters, friends and colleagues?"

The answer is 'yes we do'.

ForbesWoman describes as, "A go-to information source for women on all things health, with hard medical data and breezy lifestyle articles."

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and commitment of HealthyWomen and its mission for over 20 years to educate women on their health and the health of their families. 

As women's needs keep changing, we’ll keep growing to ensure our audience receives what they need to know and how they want to learn it.  Here's to another successful year!

Wondering who else made the cut? Click here to see the article on


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