HealthyWomen Announces Appointment of Beth Battaglino as CEO

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--(BUSINESS WIRE)--HealthyWomen (, the nation’s leading independent health information source for women, is pleased to announce the appointment of Beth Battaglino as CEO. Ms. Battaglino will lead HealthyWomen in new education and communication initiatives, as well as partnerships spanning industry, advocacy and policy.

Ms. Battaglino returns to the organization as CEO after spending a year in industry and brings a new understanding of the perspective, roles and needs of corporate partnerships. She has been a key member of HealthyWomen’s executive and leadership team since 1991. Under her leadership, HealthyWomen was recognized among Forbes “Top 100 Websites for Women” for three consecutive years and was named “The Go-To Source for Women’s Health Information” by Dr. Oz and Oprah Magazine.

HealthyWomen’s Chair, Oxana Pickeral, said, “Beth is a talented leader whose creativity, proven track record and vision for the future will benefit the organization’s business practices and the services we provide for the seekers of women’s health information.”

“HealthyWomen is poised for success,” said Ms. Battaglino. “We'll be looking at ways to expand our information-sharing strategy to create impactful health content. The top areas we’re focusing on immediately include digital, data, design, efficiency and convenience for the benefit of consumers and health care providers alike.”

About HealthyWomen

For more than 25 years, HealthyWomen has inspired and empowered millions of women to take a proactive role in their health. A progressive and unique women’s health not-for-profit, HealthyWomen combines a 24/7 online health media platform with award-winning education and advocacy campaigns. HealthyWomen’s web destination engages with readers and health care providers alike and provides valuable health information that educates women and guides them through the various ages and stages of life. For more information on HealthyWomen, visit


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