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4 Ways to Feel Sexier: Eat Dinner Naked?

Do you prefer to leave your birthday suit hanging in the closet for most occasions? The authors of the new book, "Look Better Naked," may have you rethinking that. Author and editor-in-chief of Women’s Health magazine, Michele Promaulayko, and her coauthor, Maura Rhodes, believe that “in order to feel sexy in your own (bare) skin, you’re going to need to spend time doing things unclothed besides just showering and having sex.” So, they offer six activities for sporting that suit; here are their first four:

1. Take a Bath: They suggest making it an experience by taking your time and setting the scene for relaxation by adding oils, music, candles and other mood-setters. “Setting the stage might sound corny, but the point is to indulge and pamper all your senses.”

2. Share Dinner in the Nude: Okay, this one had me doing a double take. Promaulayko and Rhodes say, “Next to sex, eating is the most sensual thing we do.”  To my relief, they’re not suggesting sitting at the table with a roast in front of you, but rather sharing a feast of simple yet pleasing finger foods picnic style by candle light. “Make every bite a sensuous experience.”

3. Snooze in the Nude: “For the purposes of getting used to time au naturel, leaving your pj’s in the drawer for a night is a worthy experience.” Once undressed, they suggest doing a progressive relaxation to really unwind, taking in the feel of your bedding on your skin and making sure that your laying in a comfortable position. In the morning, they recommend taking your time getting out of bed, stretching and getting ready to start your day.

4. Get a Massage: “If you’ve never had a personal massage (and if the reason for that is because you feel uncomfortable having a stranger feel and touch your body), getting one my feel like jumping into the deep end,” says Promaulayko and Rhodes, which is a good thing, according to them. They remind the reader that Masseuse is a professional focusing at their task at hand, which is to help you release tension and muscular problems. They suggest starting with a gentle Swedish massage, talking to the practitioner about your reservations and really paying attention to the process. Have a partner? Why not give them the job for the evening?

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