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couple speaking with their doctor about osteoarthritis

Questions to Ask About Osteoarthritis


If your joints are painful and you suspect you may have osteoarthritis or you were recently diagnosed with this condition, it's important to talk with your health care professional about your symptoms. Your health care professional can help you explore appropriate management options to help relieve joint pain and improve overall function. It's also important for you to actively participate in your own care. People who do so report less pain and fewer visits to their doctors' offices.

Here are some questions you may want to discuss with your health care professional:

  1. Why am I having joint pain? Do I have osteoarthritis?
  2. Are you sure I don't have other disorders that might cause my pain?
  3. Are there lifestyle changes I can make that could ease my pain?
  4. How does my weight affect my joints?
  5. What types of medications are available to help me? What are their benefits and side effects? Will these drugs interact with any other medications I am taking?
  6. Are there other management options I can try besides medication?
  7. Are there ways I can help prevent my osteoarthritis from getting worse?
  8. Will exercise make my joints feel better or worse?
  9. What types of exercise do you recommend?
  10. What precautions should I take when exercising to protect my joints? What should I do if my joints start to hurt or hurt worse while I'm exercising?
  11. What can I do to cope with pain so I don't have to give up the activities that are important to me?
  12. Are there support groups or other programs for people with osteoarthritis?

This resource was developed with the support of Endo Pharmaceuticals.

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