Mid Coast Health & Family Planning

Organization's Mission Statement: Mid Coast Health and Family Planning provides unrestricted access to education, referral, and clinical services. The program advocates for reproductive freedom and sexual health. Mid Coast is a department of Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport, Maine. Offices are located in Knox, Lincoln, and Waldo counties. Mid Coast provides Well Woman Care....for women wherever they are in their life cycle -- whether making choices about contraception, family planning or the transition through mid-life and beyond. Mid Coast supports each woman's active participation in all aspects of her health care needs. In addition to women's health services, Mid Coast also provides services for men and special walk-in clinics for teens. Mid Coast staffs an education and training department that offers women's health education programs and resources, outreach services for at-risk youth, consultation with schools for health curriculum development and sexuality education and professional training programs.


When Postpartum Depression Hit, I Heard Only the Lies My Depression Told Me

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Pregnancy & Postpartum

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The new guidelines target areas with high infection rates — 63% of U.S. counties on the day the guidelines were announced

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