MedStar Health

Organization's Mission Statement: MedStar Health is the largest health system in Maryland with four hospitals in Baltimore and two hospitals in Washington, DC. The Baltimore based hospitals are Franklin Square Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Harbor Hospital Center and Union Memorial Hospital. The Washington based hospitals are Washington Hospital Center and National Rehabilitation Hospital. MedStar is committed to holistic comprehensive women's health services where care is personalized for each woman to optimize her outcomes. MedStar personalizes its services to over 25,000 women and their families annually through our: Personal Services Coordinators, Health Educators, Lactation Consultants, OB/TLC and Women's Health Telephone Lines, and Doula Services.

MedStar has the largest Doula program in the United States and provides free labor doula services and retail post partum doula services. It has state-of-the-art facilities and technology and a women's health network of over 250 multidisciplinary and multi-specialty providers.

MedStar is also part of the NIH funded Women's Health Initiative and participates in numerous clinical trials such as the STAR Trial for breast cancer prevention. MedStar Women. s Services provides a full spectrum of women's services including non-traditional therapies with the goal that each woman in collaboration with her provider is empowered to design her own women's health program.

On a national level, MedStar is consistently in the top 10% recognized for women's health customer satisfaction and has the best clinical outcomes in the region. Additionally, MedStar Women's Services has the distinction of being named the only Spirit of Women Program in the region, joining the top 25 women's health hospitals and systems in the United States with prominent national sponsors such as Prevention Magazine.


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