Women's Center, Baptist Health Medical Center - Little Rock

Organization's Mission Statement: At BAPTIST HEALTH Women's and Children's Services, we never forget that every patient is somebody's mother, daughter, sister, wife, grandmother, or aunt. We understand that the needs of every woman are as unique as the woman herself. Whether she is embracing motherhood, battling an illness or pursuing health and fitness, we are committed to serving the full spectrum of a woman's life.

Education is the most direct link to disease prevention, a woman's best route to a healthy, energized life. We believe that the more a woman knows about her body, her needs, her spirit - the better a woman lives.

The birth of a child is one of the most miraculous and joyous events in any woman's and her family's history. BAPTIST HEALTH has been bringing babies into the world for more than 80 years - long enough to have a deep understanding of the special needs of women and children. Each new life we touch reaffirms our commitment to provide all Arkansans with patient-centered healthcare in an environment of Christian compassion and personal concern. As healthcare breakthroughs are made. We'll continue to bring the most advanced technology to our patients.


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