General Federation of Women's Clubs

Organization's Mission Statement: The General Federation of Women' s Clubs (GFWC) is an international organization of community-based volunteer women's clubs dedicated to community service since 1890. Its programs and projects encompass the major issues of our time, including women. s health, community improvement, preservation of natural resources, life-long learning, abuse prevention, literacy, the arts, opportunities for the disabled, and equality. With approximately 6,500 clubs in communities large and small across the United States, GFWC members range from teenagers to retired persons. Millions of members belong to the GFWC worldwide in 20 countries.


Healthy Women’s Chronic Pain Advisory Council

A Collective Authority Advocating for More Education, Research and Care


Ridding the World of Cervical Cancer

The World Health Organization has a plan to rid the entire planet of cervical cancer. Here's what you need to know about this commonly diagnosed disease.

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