Latinos Are Especially Reluctant to Get Flu Shots – How a Small Clinic in Indiana Found Ways to Overcome That

With the COVID-19 vaccine on the way, it's crucial to understand why certain communities are reluctant to get vaccinated — and how to earn their trust

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Rita Wilson Is on a Mission

Wilson and her husband, Tom Hanks, contracted COVID-19 in March; now she's partnered with the American Nurses Association to urge Americans to get their flu shot

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Getting a Flu Shot This Year Is More Important Than Ever Because of COVID-19

With the coronavirus still spreading widely, it's time to start thinking seriously about influenza, which typically spreads in fall and winter.

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Flu Cases Are Spiking Early: Is This a Sign Of a Tough Season Ahead?

The flu season is off to a fast and furious start, with a strain of the virus that normally arrives later in the season making a strong early appearance.

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Flu Education Resource for HCPs

Proactively speak about the importance of an annual influenza vaccination. This resource can help guide the conversation.

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Getting Annual Flu Shot Won't Weaken Your Immune System

There's no evidence to support the notion that people who get the flu vaccine every year somehow "weaken" their immune system over time, researchers say.

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Could Flu Shots Help Prevent Heart Attacks?

Evidence isn't conclusive, but experts say it makes sense for people with heart disease to get vaccine.

Pregnancy and the Flu Shot

I'll be pregnant during flu season, and I'm worried about having the flu vaccine. Is it safe?

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Stay Healthy Throughout Your Pregnancy

Protect you and your baby by preventing the flu during pregnancy.

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