From Vaginismus to Pleasure Warrior

After 30 years of painful sex, I finally learned I wasn't broken.

Real Women, Real Stories

No, You're Never Too Old for Sex

One of our experts explains how middle-aged women can maintain sexual health.

Menopause & Aging Well

Yes, Middle-Aged Women Do Want to Have Sex

One of our experts answers questions about sexuality at midlife.

Menopause & Aging Well

Violence Against Women Is Overlooked in Its Role in Opioid Epidemic

Women who are subject to violence – often from intimate partners – are more likely to turn to opioids or other substances leading to further health and life problems, including increased risk for HIV infection.

Sexual Health

Is Self-Criticism Ruining Your Sex Life?

Many people are plagued by self-criticism, that inner voice that questions every decision and every move.

Sexual Health

When Love Goes Wrong, Why Some Stay

A new study suggests that people may stay in unfulfilling relationships because they feel they're doing their partner a favor.

Sexual Health