No Pause in Menopause Roundtable

No Pause in Menopause Roundtable

Watch a series of webinars discussing menopause.


Please watch our series of webinars discussing menopause with our exciting lineup of panelists. #NoPause4Menopause

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  • Wednesday, Oct. 7: The realities of perimenopause and menopause: what it really means for women. Watch the video.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 14: Sleep, brain fog and mental health: how menopause affects your brain and what women can do. Watch the video.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 21: Hot flashes? Night sweats? Vaginal dryness? Weight gain? Hormonal and non-hormonal methods to manage your symptoms and take care of your body. Watch the video.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 28: Managing our pelvic health as we age. Watch the video.
  • November 4th: Disease risk and menopause: What you need to know to keep your whole body healthy. Watch the video.
  • November 18th: The SEX talk: Is it possible to have an exciting sex life when we hit menopause? (Hint: the answer is YES!) Watch the video.

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Oct. 7th Speakers

Wendy Lund (Moderator)
CEO, GCI Health

Omisade Burney-Scott
Creator/Curator, The Black Girl's Guide to Surviving Menopause
Founder/Principal, Ananse Consulting

Dr. Octavia Cannon
Physician, Arboretum OBGYN, Charlotte, NC
2018-19 ACOOG National President (American College of Osteopathic OBGYN)

Dr. Mary Jane Minkin
Clinical Professor, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Yale University School of Medicine

Oct. 14 Speakers

Sybil Clark Amuti (Moderator)
Founder, The Great Girlfriends Podcast

Dr. Gayatri Devi
Attending Physician at Lenox Hill Hospital | Northwell Health and Clinical Professor of Neurology at Downstate Medical Center
Director of Park Avenue Neurology

Ann Garnier
Founder and CEO of Lisa Health

Dr. Pauline M. Maki
Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology and Obstetrics & Gynecology and
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Oct. 21 Speakers

Anne Fulenwider (Moderator)
Women's Health Entrepreneur

Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg
Chief, Division of Behavioral Medicine, Department of OBGYN, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and Professor of Reproductive Biology and Psychiatry Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Dr. Lisa Larkin, FACP, NCMP, IF
Founder and CEO of Ms.Medicine

Oct. 28 Speakers

Devin Tomb (Moderator)
Executive Editor,

Jill Angelo
Co-Founder and CEO, Gennev

Dr. Cheryl B. Iglesia, FACOG
Director, Section of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Professor, Departments of Ob/Gyn and Urology, Georgetown University School of Medicine

Dr. Lynn Seely
Chief Executive Officer of Myovant Sciences

Nov. 4 Speakers

Dr. Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey (Moderator)
Beautiful Woman Inside and Out, Inc
Executive Director, The COSHAR Foundation

Dr. Barb DePree
Director of Midlife Women's Health at Holland Hospital, Founder of MiddlesexMD

Dr. Sabrina Sahni
Clinical Assistant Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology & Reproductive Biology, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Manish Chauhan, MD, FACC
Interventional Cardiologist
St. David's Heart and Vascular

Nov. 18th Speakers

Jessica Shepherd MD, MBA, FACOG (Moderator)
Women's Health Expert
Baylor University Medical Center

Barb Dehn, NP
El Camino Women's Medical Group

Susan Kellogg Spadt, PhD, CRNP, IF, FCST, PhD, CRNP, IF, FCST
Director of Female Sexual Medicine
Center for Pelvic Medicine
Bryn Mawr, PA

Sharon J. Parish, MD
Professor of Medicine in Clinical Psychiatry, Professor of Clinical Medicine
Weill Cornell Medical College
Director of Medical Services,
New York Presbyterian Hospital/ Westchester Division


HealthyWomen's Menopause Hub

HealthyWomen's Hormone Therapy Guide

Websites and Podcasts

The Black Girls Guide to Menopause: This guide, podcast, and brand was birthed by Omisade Burney-Scott, a cisgender, Black, heterosexual woman born and raised in the American South who understands that her liberation and healing is interconnected with other marginalized people including queer, trans and gender non-binary folx.

Bone Talk: A podcast and blog from the National Osteoporosis Foundation that examines issues around osteoporosis from diverse perspectives including patients, healthcare providers, caregivers, policy makers, researchers, advocates and innovators. Learn more about bone health, healthy active aging and strategies to protect your ability to live your best life.

The Great Girlfriends: The Great Girlfriends is a connection movement led by Sybil Amuti, including a podcast, an annual conference and an online community. Dr. Mary Jane Minkin developed this site with the aim to educate both women and physicians learning how to care for them. The website offers articles, excerpts from Dr. Minkin's published guides, pdf copies of a few of her academic papers, and a list of important recent references on the subject matter. Additionally, there are video and audio clips and episodes from Dr. Minkin's podcast, Lady Parts.

menopause: unmuted: Hosted by Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, menopause: unmuted is a podcast series exploring first-hand experiences of this life stage. Honest, hopeful and life affirming, the podcast features women talking candidly about their menopause, and its impact on relationships, friends, family, and work.

MiddlesexMD: Dr. Barb DePree started MiddlesexMD to share practice-tested, clinically sound information with women her own age. The site provides information and guides for working with your partner and caregivers, as well as products that they've tried and know will help people work with the physical changes they are experiencing. Together, it's a recipe for good sex at menopause and beyond.

The International Menopause Society: Based in the UK, The International Menopause Society (IMS) brings together the world's leading experts to collaboratively study and share knowledge about all aspects of aging in women. The IMS advocates evidence-based treatment options that optimize mid-life women's health and promotes best practice in women's health care to healthcare professionals and women across the globe.

The North American Menopause Society (NAMS): The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) is North America's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the health and quality of life of all women during midlife and beyond through an understanding of menopause and healthy aging.

The Women's Brain Health Initiative (WHBI): Women's Brain Health Initiative (WBHI) is a Canadian and U.S. charitable foundation solely dedicated to protecting the brain health of women. WBHI helps protect women's brain health by focusing its resources on research to combat brain-aging disorders that disproportionately affect women, and by creating compelling preventive health programs, grounded in science, so there is a greater understanding of the best ways to prolong our cognitive vitality.


Gennev: The first online clinic for women in menopause with telehealth services, products and education.

Lisa Health: Empowers women to gain control over their bodies and thrive during menopause and midlife

Articles and Videos

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Dr. Lisa Larkin:

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