sex & intimacy

Sex Doesn't Have to End With Menopause

Some women enjoy sex more than ever after menopause but others face postmenopausal sexual problems, ranging from dryness and pain to body image.

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couple in bed

Sex After 50: More Than Ever?

Even couples who have been married 65 years or more still have sex with some frequency.

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low sex drive

Is Your Low Sex Drive Ruining Your Relationship?

A recent survey reveals that lack of sexual desire is harming a lot of relationships.

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hormones and sexual desire

The Hormones of Desire

Understanding how hormones can affect your sex life.

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Intimacy After a Diagnosis

5 ways to keep sex and intimacy in your life.

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ask the expert

My husband is having trouble with sex. He can't have an erection. This has never happened before. Can I do anything to help him?

Sex was absolutely a forbidden topic when I was growing up. I'm still not comfortable with it. I'm single and in my late 40s. Anything I can do to be more open to sex when I'm dating?