Mike Capaldi

Mike Capaldi is a Senior Advisor for Penn Quarter Partners, a public affairs and communications firm in Washington, DC. He also serves as the Executive Director for the newly launched Institute for Gene Therapy.

Prior to this Mike was at Sanofi for 22 years most recently as the Head of US Public Affairs for the Oncology, Transplant and Consumer Health Care units.

Mike has a broad set of experiences including Public Affairs/Advocacy, Government Relations, Policy & Corporate Responsibility. He interfaced with a broad range of healthcare stakeholders including patient advocacy groups, trade associations and scientific organizations. He also worked within the commercial organization in Sales, Training & Development where he was responsible for the T&D of nearly 10,000 field and headquarter-based employees. Mike served as President of the Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers (now L-TEN) in 2010-11. In 2007, he earned a Master of Education in Corporate Training & Knowledge Management from Jones International University.

Finally, Mike has a track record of collaboration on women’s issues. He shepherded resources towards the creation of Sanofi’s first women-focused group, Women Inspiring Sanofi Excellence or WISE, continuing his support by serving on their steering committee and volunteering at various development-focused events.


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