Program Director, HealthyWomen

The Program Director at HealthyWomen is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities for each specific funded program, from the initial kick-off call to the launch of the new program content and assets on The Program Director is responsible for liaising with the Digital and Editorial team as they develop new program content, as well as managing any media and partnership tactics included within the scope of the program proposal.

Program Management Responsibilities:

  • Liaise with funder and/or funder communications agency to schedule kick-off calls once proposals are signed by all parties. Work with internal team to determine schedules and availability.
  • Work with funders or funder communications agency, develop agendas for program kick-off calls. Provide background on program and proposal to Digital/Editorial team prior to kick-off calls.
  • Lead program kick-off calls between HealthyWomen, funder and funder’s communications agency/team, as well as any requested status call once program is underway.
  • Develop program timelines based on proposal tactics, editorial and review process of content development and scheduled promotions following program launch.
  • Insert timeline into Asana program to track execution of tactics.
  • Following kick-off call, develop program cover sheets outlining details of program and invoicing and work closely with Accounting on invoicing timeline.
  • Work closely with Digital and Editorial team on the content development and promotion process, liaising with the funder and funder’s communications team.
  • Develop program results reports, working with Digital to secure results report, inserting numbers and images into formatted report, and ongoing communication with funder and agency to answer questions regarding reports.
  • Liaise with Director of Communications and Business Development for any potential program extension tactics and agreement/proposal development.

Partnership Outreach (Funded) Responsibilities

  • Develop e-mail outlining new program content and distribute to HealthyWomen strategic partners, specifically those outlined in program proposal. Include within e-mail draft social and e-newsletter copy for partners to disseminate as appropriate to their constituents.
  • Liaise with Director of Communications and Business Development for any potential new partnership opportunities

Program Media Tactics (Funded)

  • Review and revise any campaign-related press materials that include HealthyWomen and/or Beth Battaglino, including the development and review of quotes from HealthyWomen within press materials.
  • Liaise with vendor (Synaptic) and funder and/or funder communications agency on media-related campaign tactics such as SMT/RMT.
  • Liaise with HealthyWomen Administrative Assistant on scheduling campaign media training sessions, media interviews, SMT/RMTs, etc. per B. Battaglino’s calendar.
  • Prepare B. Battaglino in advance for media training and media interviews/opportunities with detailed schedule, location, key messages, background information on interviewer, media outlet, etc.
  • Liaise with Director of Communications and Business Development for any changes to media strategy originally outlined within proposal or for any program extensions/addendums.
  • Liaise with Media Expert for any media outreach specific tactics for funded programs and provide timelines/dates for media execution.

Additional Responsibilities (as needed basis)

  • Assist Comm Director – As necessary in creating PPT Deck/Slides focused on program highlights (case studies) for new business presentations, networking events, partnership opportunities, etc.
  • Assist Comm Director – on Board Slides, CAB slides and event management
  • Develop monthly dashboard reports, working with team to secure program, new business and digital highlights from that monthly timeframe

Please send cover letter and resume to [email protected]