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Beyond the Body: Perspectives From Real Women

Through our Reclaim Your Wellness campaign, HealthyWomen and the Black Women's Health Imperative in collaboration with the Obesity Action Coalition are changing the conversation around living with obesity.

More than 93 million Americans are living with obesity. Yet it’s often perceived by society and the healthcare community as the result of poor personal choices, rather than the complex, chronic disease that it is. Because of the stigma, bias and misinformation surrounding obesity, far too many people do not have ongoing access to the care they need.

Together, through the Reclaim Your Wellness Campaign with HealthyWomen and The Black Women’s Health Imperative, along with the Obesity Action Coalition, we are giving a voice to women living with obesity. As Kristal Hartman explained to HealthyWomen, “We have the chance to change the face of obesity and open people’s minds and hearts and understand this is a chronic disease.”

In our videos, meet Kristal and all six women who have opened up about their journeys living with obesity—from growing up with the stigma to adopting body positivity. We hope you’re inspired to advocate for yourself and for others.

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nikki's story
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Watch the WomenTalk episode

WomenTalk Episode: Beyond the Body — Perspectives From Real Women

On this episode of WomenTalk, our own Luisa Santa-Coleman, MPH, is joined by esteemed expert Dr. Ariana Chao and six guests who share their experiences living with obesity and discuss their journeys from growing up with stigma to adopting body positivity.

Nikki's Story

Sarah's Story

Michele's Story

Amber's Story

Kristal's Story

Pam's Story

Kesha's Story

Jaime's Story

Reclaim Your Wellness campaign is a collaboration of Black Women’s Health Imperative and HealthyWomen to raise awareness of obesity as a national health crisis in a manner that is free of stigma, judgment and bias.

Black Women’s Health Imperative is a national nonprofit organization created by Black women to help protect and advance the health and wellness of Black women and girls.

Obesity Action Coalition is the nation’s leading grassroots obesity organization with the mission to elevate and empower people affected by obesity through education, advocacy, awareness and support.

This resource was created with support from Novo Nordisk and Pfizer.