A woman suffers from pain in the appendix
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A Guide to Living With IBD


Living with IBD can affect so much of your life. Symptoms come and go unpredictably, sometimes making it difficult to have an active social life or intimate relationship. Struggles with body image, along with anxiety and depression, can take a toll on mental health.

Our new education program provides advice to help you take charge of the condition and live life to the fullest. Easy-to-follow infographics offer tips on “Managing the Social and Emotional Effects of Life With Inflammatory Bowel Disease” and “Eating Out When You Have Inflammatory Bowel Disease.”

IBD is considered an invisible illness because you can’t see it from the outside. Finding out that someone you know has the condition can come as a surprise. In our must-read comic, we make it simple to understand the everyday struggles for those living with the condition — and how you can best support them.

This resource was created with support from Amgen.