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Victoria P. Werth, MD

Victoria P. Werth, MD

Professor of Dermatology and Medicine,
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Chief, Philadelphia V.A. Medical Center
Philadelphia, PA

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About The Expert

Dr. Victoria Werth is a Professor of Dermatology and Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Chief of Dermatology at the Philadelphia VA Hospital.  She has a practice devoted to care of patients with autoimmune skin diseases.  Recent studies have worked to develop a validated disease activity measure that can be used for systematic clinical studies in cutaneous lupus.  This has been used in several ongoing or completed therapeutic trials.  She is on the Medical Advisory Board of the Lupus Foundation of America and has been funded for her basic, translational and clinical studies related to lupus by the NIH, the Veterans Administration, the Lupus Foundation of America, the Lupus Research Institute and the Alliance for Lupus Research.