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Stephen Hopping, MD

Stephen Hopping, MD

Director of the Center of Cosmetic Surgery
Clinical Professor of Surgery
George Washington University
Washington, DC

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About The Expert

Dr. Steven B. Hopping is the Medical Director of The Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Washington, DC. He is a clinical professor of surgery at George Washington University Hospital and is the immediate Past President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He received his specialty training at Harvard University and has been practicing cosmetic surgery for over 20 years in Washington, DC.

Dedicated to medical missionary work, Dr. Hopping and his wife, Julia, are the cofounders of the Future of Nicaragua Foundation, dedicated to improving the lives and health of the less fortunate children and adults in Nicaragua. Along with his staff, Dr. Hopping travels to Guatemala and Nicaragua providing reconstructive surgical services to underprivileged families in Latin America.