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John Rivera

John Rivera

Hawaii T'ai Chi Ch'uan Association
Pukalani, Hawaii

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About The Expert

John Rivera has been a student of Yang Style of T'ai Chi Ch'uan for over 25 years and a certified instructor by his sifu, Ron Perfetti, for over two years. He says: "I found utilizing the principles of tai chi in everyday life allows me to stay clam and relax in any situation. There is strength in serenity, and to remain in control while the world around you is swirling in confusion is to be firmly in control. Calmness and serenity are signs of true confidence, power and effectiveness. Dealing with the corporate world in my day-to-day life allows me to utilize that calmness in making decisions. When I have a problem, I write the problem down on a piece a paper and do a round of tai chi, then the answer comes to me. This is an example of allowing the Tao to take care of our problems. Tai chi has improved my spiritual side. It trains me to empty the mind of all thoughts so I can be aware of the chi flow that is all around and which allows me to feel the presence of God."