Health Stories You Might Have Missed

Okay, it’s catch-up time. Time for tempting tidbits of health information that managed to slide by you (okay, I’ll admit it. Me, too). Time to learn new things; to say, “Gee, I never knew that!” to regale your family and friends with lots of entertaining health news.

Okay, that last part? Maybe health stories are a big nap for some, but if you’re reading my blog, then I know at least YOU are interested. So, here are some goodies:

Why staying fit is so important post-breast cancer surgery. A new study finds that breast cancer survivors are more likely to die due to poor overall health if their ability to perform day-to-day activities is hampered.

Is Sex Painful? A free publication from HealthyWomen. Learn about a possible condition called dyspareunia.

Driving While Tired: A Really Bad Idea. Being sleep deprived behind the wheel is just as bad as being drunk. This driver was lucky – but not everyone is. (And speaking of sleeping; in case you missed this post about napping):

Baby Carrots as Junk Food? Trying to appeal to kids, carrots get pushed the junk-food way. Bad idea? Good idea?

Just Two Drinks Can Impair Older People. Even with low blood alcohol concentrations, some struggle with walking. Me? I can identify.

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