Zonked from Zumba (but happy)

When was the last time you had fun exercising?

I try to have fun, but sometimes it can get a little... monotonous. Even though I alternate between the various cardio machines and change up my weight routine, it wears thin. At times I find myself leaving the gym and feeling like I didn't really work all that hard.

So, this morning when I woke up feeling a bit anxious after hearing our President talk about the sad state of the economy last night, I decided I needed to head to the gym. But my normal routine just wouldn't do. I needed to mix it up and try something totally new.

I took a Zumba class. For those of you who don't know about Zumba, it's the latest workout craze. It's like dancing in a nightclub filled with fabulous latin music, except it's in a gym. Everybody is smiling and having fun. I was a little intimidated at first, since I hadn't taken an aerobics class since the Jane Fonda-inspired leg warmer/headband days. But after just a few anxious moments of clock-watching, I shed my inhibitions along with lots of sweat and was carried along with the music and the mood, just like everyone else. My legs danced, my arms swayed and I smiled.

My anxiety about the economy is something that is a bit easier to shoulder after Zumba. And my shoulder? It may be a bit sore tomorrow, but who cares?

How do you mix up your exercise routine? Have you ever tried Zumba? Share your thoughts with us!


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