Why Going Green is Good for Your Health

Some of you might ask: Why are green practices good for my health? It's not coincidental that what's good for the earth is good for your body. Take a look at what I mean...

Walking or biking instead of driving: Reduces carbon emissions, offers a great way to get moving

Eating organic: Better farming practices, less preservatives in your body

Buying local food: Good for the environment, more nutrients for you (stay tuned for details on Monday)

Using less-toxic cleaning products: Less toxins in the environment, less toxins for you

Trying natural beauty products: Less chemicals in the air, less
carcinogens in your body

Organic clothes made from sustainable resources: Preserved natural resources, less chemicals on our skin

Switching to florescent lightbulbs: Less carbon dioxide released into the air, you breathe easier

We don't have to look to the future to forecast the benefits of our behaviors today. If you pay close enough attention, you'll notice the difference immediately. Stay tuned for details.


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