Set Your Tivo and Get Motivated

Motivation. It's hard to push yourself past your limits when working out, but if someone were chasing you, you'd probably beat your fastest running time, right? The show "Could You Survive," premiering on Discovery Health tonight at 9pm (ET), poses the question: Do you have the endurance, strength and agility to survive if faced with a crisis? The premise of this series intrigues me, mainly because I'm out of breath every time I climb the stairs to my second floor apartment. I exercise regularly and consider myself pretty fit, but I'm not sure I could make it up 30 flights of stairs, pull someone from a burning car or escape a raging wild fire (questions the show asks).

The people on the show couldn't either (after being put up to simulated real-life tests), but they quickly find out how to transform their bodies and minds to be prepared for anything. Fitness and Nutrition expert Dr. Pamela Peeke helps them turn their diet around, guiding them to better choices like whole foods, lean meats, whole grains, fruits and veggies, while three marines kick their exercise routines into high gear. I don't know about you, but I've got to watch it; I need it to get motivated now that the cold weather has got me in hibernation mode. Plus, I live in New York City where who knows what can happen when I walk outside!

If you want to see if the people on the show are able to get in shape in 30 days and then race against their former selves (from pre-body/mind makeover), tune in tonight at 9pm to Discovery Health. Cheer them on and see if you could survive.


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