Set Goals for Exercise Success

In a recent interview with's online director Gwynn Cassidy, Shannon Miller, seven-time Olympic champion in gymnastics, said she stays in shape by setting goals. This year she's learning how to play tennis. So it got me thinking, what can I set my sights on to get myself going? Have you committed to any fitness goals this year? Watch the video clip of Shannon and read more...

There's a women's marathon in San Francisco this fall that sounds great. If you always dreamed of running a marathon, maybe now's the time (online random drawing registration is until March 18th). I don't think that one is for me since I started hyperventilating just thinking about it. Refer to meditation post here if needed.

If your located in the New York area, you might want to join NWHRC's executive director Beth Battaglino Cahill (and thousands of other women) on April 26th for the More magazine and Fitness magazine half-marathon.

How about training for the 37 mile, two day Avon Walk for Breast Cancer? Click here to find a walk in your area.

I think I'll start with some small goals: first a 5k by the end of May and then a 10k by September. Just writing it down makes me feel more motivated. Click here to find races in your area.

For non-runners, maybe it's learning a new sport like Shannon. Whatever you decide, find something that gets you excited, challenges you and most of all, motivates you to get in shape - you won't regret it. Please, share your goals here and let us know how it's going!


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