Ouch Says My Knee

Remember when I raved about Zumba and how much fun I had? Well, I've been paying for that fun ever since.

My right knee felt just a wee bit achy the next day. Typical for me, I ignored it. After all, I thought, it's just a little...pain. Plus, I wanted to go to the gym the next day to do my treadmill workout. I'm sure you've already figured out what happened next. Yup, instead of the knee feeling better, it felt worse (why didn't I think of that??) and I ended up with a swollen, ugly-looking knee that screamed "stay out of the gym!!" This time, I listened.

Today, a few days and a few ice packs later, I returned to the gym but was very, very careful. I did a light workout on the stationary bike on a low resistance, and I avoided doing any leg machines, instead working my upper body (trying to get ready for sleeveless season!)

Lesson learned. Although I work out regularly, Zumba was a new activity for me. I went into it full-force, instead of working up slowly. After all, these knees have been through a lot, and I have to be just a wee bit more careful next time I try something new.

Have you ever tried a new activity and gotten injured? Or maybe you're more careful than me...what do you do when you try something new to make sure you don't get hurt? Share your comments here!


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