Help a New Mom Out: My Baby Needs His Sleep

For the past 19 months or so (pregnancy + my son's current age), sleep has been elusive for me but, through determination and a renewed love affair with coffee, I've learned to live and function as though I've had my full 8. What I can't live with though is the fact that my growing little boy isn't getting the quality sleep he needs.

When he was younger, like most moms, I was up every couple of hours to feed, change and soothe him. During those difficult nights, I was comforted knowing that, by six months, he could easily sleep nine to 12 hours a night. Well, he's 10 months old now and he's still not making it through the night without at least two wakings that demand my, or my husband's, attention.

I feel as though I've done everything right: I've established a regular bedtime routine that includes a warm bath and the reading of a book or two and he has a safe sleeping environment that is quiet and dark. Some nights he falls asleep quickly while other nights, even though he's rubbing his eyes and is clearly sleepy, he behaves as though bedtime is pure torture.

Once down, he sleeps like the angel he is, for about 3 hours and then wakes up screaming. Fortunately, I'm able to soothe him back to sleep pretty quickly and easily. Unfortunately, about 4 hours after that, he's up again, screaming and un-soothable until he's given a bottle. Once the bottle is finished, he's back to sleep for a few more hours until it's morning.

So, I turn to you, dear reader, and ask: Do you have any tips on how I might help my baby sleep through the night?


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