Happy Hanukkah!

I love when Hanukkah and Christmas are so close together, don't you? Gideon and I are celebrating the holidays at my brother's house and, lucky us, they celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas.

Since we only celebrate Christmas at home, I love that Gideon will learn about Hanukkah over the years. Tonight we'll light the first candles and my brother will recite the prayers in Hebrew. I know Gideon is way too young to know what's going on but maybe something will sink in :) I know I've learned a few things about Hanukkah including how much fun it can be for kids! They get a long vacation from school, their parents encourage you to eat doughnuts and chocolate coins, and there are a lot of fun things to do online!

Visit Chabad.org to learn the story of Chanukah, sing songs, enjoy activities like building your own Menorah and playing games like I Shpy and Chanukah Connect the Dots!

Learn why some people write Chanukah while others say Hanukkah, play with holiday word puzzles, print out Chanukah Coloring Books, and make fun and easy crafts like dreidel magnets and Egg Carton Menorahs!


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