Green Lifestyle Habits: 5 Eco-Fashion Tips

Green Lifestyle Habits: 5 Eco-Fashion Tips

I got this entire outfit for free. That's right, those are Diesal Jeans and Ferragamo boots! How you ask? By some smart shopping that also happens to be good for the environment. It's number one on my list of 5 Eco-Fashion Tips.

1. Host a Clothing Swap
Yup, that's how I scored these designer items.There are a bunch of ways to hold a swap, but this is how I do it: Invite friends, coworkers and neighbors to gather clothes (house products, books, dvds etc.) that they don't want anymore and head on over. Allow each person to stand up and show the items they brought (full disclosure - rips, stains etc., even a fun story about when you wore it last). Those who want it say __! (whichever word you designate), and if more then one person is interested, the item goes in the middle to be tried on later, when the group can decide who's the most appropriate recipient. Wine and cheese optional, but recommended!

2. Shop Vintage
This one's easy for me because I love the vintage look. If you don't like the idea of wearing used clothing, maybe opt for a belt or bag instead.

3. Take Good Care of Your Clothing
Invest in quality clothing items and take good care of them. Making clothes last is much less wasteful then buying cheap trendy items that you won't like a year from now.

4. Choose Sustainable Fabrics
Though there are still no regulations for sustainable fashion practices, there are innovative designers trying new things every day. Look for: bamboo, organic cotton, peace silk and recycled fabrics.

5. Shop Local Green Businesses
Not only does it support smart business practices and create community, but you also know that the handmade cap you're wearing hasn't been processed with countless chemicals and pesticides.

For fun ideas on wear to shop, check out these sites:


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