Get Arms Like Michelle Obama

Everyone is talking about Michelle Obama's buff arms. It's widely known that the first lady keeps a healthy diet and has a regular exercise routine of strength training and cardio workouts; but really, how does she get her arms to look so darn good? I took the question to our favorite trainer, Leslie McNabb, and she demonstrated three easy exercises to get us started.

I use weights to work my biceps, but my arms still look flabby. What other exercises will help?

Leslie says:
Losing fat - in your arms and throughout your body - is only accomplished by burning more calories than you consume.

That said, strength training your triceps muscles (located on the back of your arm) as well as your biceps will help tone the muscles for a less flabby appearance. What's more, don't forget about your shoulders! Toned shoulders play a vital role in total upper body strength, posture and overall appearance.

The exercises below will help shape your arms.
-You'll need a pair of hand-held weights (2 pounds to 5 pounds) and a small bench or chair.
-Perform all movements in a slow and controlled way.
-Do not let the hand holding the weight swing with momentum - this makes the exercise less effective and could cause injury.
-For proper tempo, take three counts to do the movement, hold for one count, and then take three counts to return the arm to the start position.

Arm Exercise #1: Triceps
-Keep the back and head straight and abdominal muscles pulled in.
-Bend at the hips. Place one hand on a bench or chair.
-Hold a weight in opposite hand with your elbow bent by your side.
-Slowly straighten the arm by moving the weight toward your hip (see photo above).
-Repeat 10 times on each side.

Click here and scroll down to see the other two exercises.

Do you have any pressing fitness questions? Enter them in the comments section below and we'll pass them on to Leslie.


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